ModAPI 0.2.3a Changelog

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Nach mehrfacher Nachfrage habe ich die Spendenseite eingerichtet: Jetzt hier spenden und die Entwicklung der ModAPI unterstützen
  • Changelog for ModAPI 0.2.3a:
    • Bugfix: The icons on the map are now shown correctly.
    • Bugfix: An error by resolving the return type of injected methods is fixed.
    • New mod: Remove treestump
      Just hit 4-5 times on a tree stump and say good bye. Works on freshly felt trees and also on saved tree stumps. They are also gone forever. :)

Kommentare 13

  • Yoong Kee Lee -

    where to download

  • the master -


  • mat009 -

    how can i install it?

  • Wei -

    how to use it when i download it

  • eduardonba -

    Pls update the mod for 0.29c version

  • Bonochapo -

    Need new version ! :(

  • Lauris Silovs -

    @terrabusi disable Spawncommand++ when playing COOP, otherwhise it causes massive lags.

  • terrabusi -

    when i install modapi have fps problem in v0.28d :s (10-12fps max) without it i have 60fps

  • walkirius147 -

    when im trying to open ModApi.exe mainmenu doesnt open. Do this is a error?

  • Zigadirasu -

    found a bug on noclip cheat, even if i disable all terrain (ground, sand etc) still get nocliped except objects (rock, wood, buildings), also water disapears.

  • MultiStiflerus89 -

    How download this ?

    • Grinsepueppchen -

      If you don't have the ModAPI yet, you need to go to Downloads on the Top of the Site. If you already have it, the Update come automatically when you start the ModApi.

  • Celsus -

    Love the new TNT mutant remover.

  • Lauris Silovs -

    [COOP] Sometimes when falling from high distances with godmode on (or taking any other heavy damage), you die, but you can still walk around, but you can't save, open inventory, etc.. I guess there's some kind of bool which sets death state to.. dead, so you can't do anything.