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    i keep getting the ''this application could not be started'' message

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    MODAPI still works. Start the game without MODAPI. Go to the settings. In "Gameplay" you see the point of "Allow cheats". Klick ON and start The Forest with MODAPI. I tested it today and it works very well :)

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    Ende nochmal spielen? can anyone help me?

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    i want to play the end again

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    start a new game

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    Trying out the ultimate cheat menu but why does my character spazz out of control?

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    bought the game about a week ago and my friend downloaded a cracked version to test it out. Does anyone know if there is any way he can use the map mod on his cracked version?

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    Cracked games will NOT SUPPORTED. The game is not expensive and every money worth. Sorry for my poor English, but I don't like cracked games. These are insults for every game developer. Sorry, my meaning.

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    When I try to download Mod hub I get this The connection to '' failed. Error: ConnectionRefused (0x274d). System.Net.Sockets.SocketException No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

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    Please make a new version of M4 Mod as a Sniper! Sniper = Flintlock Mod <3 I think that would be great! :)

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    Hi, da es heißt die Map unterstützt nuzr den Singleplayer - ist es normal das nur der Server hoster beim Multiplayer die Livegegner sehen kann oder bin ich blind? :o

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    Hi, it says the map supports only the single player - is it normal that only the server hoster in multiplayer the live opponents can see or am I blind? :O

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    glaube das ist normal

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    Schade, wäre in geniales Feature. So muss bei ner Spielergruppe von 10 mann nicht immer nur einer 'achtung ' schreien...

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    Hello, how could I delete my account permanently?

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    Piotr Janus

    Hi, i have problem with with mod in the forest "Player Upgrade Points", any1 can help me?

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    Piotr Janus

    I've spotted a bug

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    Piotr Janus

    when i activate a perk in skill tree "carry 20 more sticks, 20 rocks" i cant see my inventory :)

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