Reskins ??? (English)

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    • Reskins ??? (English)

      How about Reskins ?
      I think it´s not possible because there would be some mods here...
      I love revolvers and I would like it if I have a 357. Magnum in my hands instead of a flintlock pistol... Of course I don´t want to play Call of Duty but such little things would be cool.
      The main idea of the game should still be the survival but for all people who would like to have something new they should implement that modding option.
      So if you want you could install/make those reskins and if you hate that you simply wouldn´t need to. Better than implementing an entire new weapon... which isn´t bad.... but I think they will soon run out of ideas for this game.
      I hope that they will add it then. :thumbsup:

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