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  • therebel -

    Hi.I'm trying to complete the activation process then it tells me it has send a 9 didget code to my e-mail but there's nothing when I ask it to resend and filled in all my details then it gives me a falal error message and it does it the whole time.Help.Please

  • Blight -

    Will ModAPI 2.0 (If ever released) be build on .NET 4.5? Many Libs, which i wish to use are all above 3.5...

  • DieAxtimWalde -


  • ilovetheforest -

    Due to new Forrest update

  • ilovetheforest -

    How do I fix mod API

  • Blurry -

    Hello, I am in need of some assistance. How do i remove the mod fully?

  • PedroTxpp -

    Hello, help me please, i didnt received my confirmation email, the one with 9 digit code!!! Thank you.

  • pieroy48 -


    ID: a2e3bc9a65c848106a86928e4578edce3128a54e
    Please send the ID above to the site administrator.

  • pieroy48 -

    Fatal Error
    ID: 41eb78db475eb0411efba6dc424f9ca1fe4560e9
    Can some one help me whit that

  • pieroy48 -

    Hi I dont have received my confirmation email can you help me on that

  • wolfgang300 -

    hallo ich wollte grade nochmal einen activierungscode anfordern dann kamm diese ID 977eed9979e0a26143a3aa9a6ef83ab75c2c4d56 bitte brauche hilfe

  • wolfgang300 -

    hallo eine frage mir wird einfach nicht mein Aktivierungs code gesendet warum ?

  • djsaleen -

    I've got these error message when i want to register to the site...
    ID: aedb44e32a578134399e76193a806c2636b65506

  • jaspervdzee -

    how do i download mods

  • Fiedi -

    I already postet this in the mods section for the cheat-menue - mod, because thats what doesn't work anymore.
    In the newest version the cheatmenu seem to mess up my player-stats. they freeze as soon as i enable the cheat-menue-mod, regardless if i enabled god mode or not. i double checked the sliders and checkboxes for the player-stats too. I can't unfreeze hunger, armor, stamina, thirst...

    the instant built feature doesn't work either. Well... sometimes it does work... but most of the time i run around a blueprint, waving my view in all possible directions while spamming the instant built key and if i am lucky ... sometimes... it works. but most of the time it doesn't

    ps: thank you very much for all your effords. The game is a lot mor fun with mods like this one... if it works ;)

  • Mr.PinkPedo -

    hey i have a problem with the bars in the forest my health bar, thirst bar, armor bar etc. are all messed up when i start so i cant tell what health armor etc im at please help

  • Chrisiss02 -

    hi i have a problem with register me can u help me pliss?

  • Anna93TH -

    Jetzt musst du mal deine Nachrichten durchsehen :P

  • DieAxtimWalde -

    Alles Guteeeeeeeeeee zum Scheburdsdach *trööööööööööt* :thumbsup: *Konfettiwerf* <3

  • travis shaw -

    Hello, i want to become a coder for the forest mods, any how i can get taught. If i learn i can do them without any donations, i just want them to be released faster so that way people get them on time. Just saves more time for you

  • DarkEagleHUN -

    Hi. I need to use SmartSteamEMU at the forest, for multiplayer, but the modapi isn't working with it, can i do something with it?

    • DieAxtimWalde -

      It's up to those EMU developers to comply with ModAPI, not us. You might want to become familiar with what mods are and how they work before asking questions like that. Would save a lot of all our spare time. However: Post onto the boards next time instead of randomly posting on someone's profile page which aren't support pages. First and last warning.

    • DarkEagleHUN -

      I don't know where is the support page, and there is Lead Developer's profile, so i thniked he can help me

  • namyzzark -

    any idea when the new patch will be done

  • Marco Gehrke -

    Hi - Na seid ihr kräftig dabei modapi neu zu basteln ? - haben wohl bei dem letzten Forest update doch mehr verändert - oder ?
    Schon ne Ahnung wie lange es dauert bis es wieder mit Forest läuft ?
    Mal aus langeweile was Spenden ;)

  • shaleval2 -

    Hi i donated 50 EUR can u give me Donator title?

  • Garris Jim Jr -

    How do you spawn mutants or cannibals whatever u want to call them?

  • Fr0zeN -

    Hey, why when i launch my modapi it tells me that it can't detect the game version.. :c How i can fix that, please answer me.

  • inDe_eD -

    Hey, my modapi won't launch the forest without getting a looping error. It reads, "error: an error occurred while applying mods"

    • Grinsepueppchen -

      Did you try to download and unpack it again? Sometimes a new Installation helps.

    • inDe_eD -

      I did. I also validated forest files, and re-downloaded the modapi. Nothing.

    • Grinsepueppchen -

      And the Forest didn't already run? Did you try to repair the Forest with the Steam Client? Maybe there's the Problem.

  • DaKo Gaming -


  • TrollMan420 -

    10/10 found a copy of this mod. But they wait to "Update" it when you guys are done on the other side they have a way more crappy hud and files. When you guys add in something in a update they add it in the next one....Good things always have to be copied…erfection-for-the-forest/

  • century -


    How can i uninstall ou desactivate modapi ? I can't play online since installation ... :[

    Best Grüße,