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Nach mehrfacher Nachfrage habe ich die Spendenseite eingerichtet: Jetzt hier spenden und die Entwicklung der ModAPI unterstützen
  • bodpod -

    You still working on the mini map and if so how is it going?

  • Eric_BosSs -

    Kannst du bitte Iventorymod Updaten? auf 0.41 BItte das wäre super nett! :)
    Can you please update Iventorymod at 0.41 it will be very nice from you! :)

  • Knockoutbambi -

    its a new inventoy mod there?

  • DaKo Gaming -


  • Jorbeeters -

    When do you think you will be able to fix the inventory mod? And are you working on it right now? (ps No rush man i know these things take time)

    • Sortbek -


      I expect an update this week ;) Hehe no worries, glad to see people are still interested in the mod!

    • Jorbeeters -

      Of course man! The inventory mod you made has been really helpful. Again no rush man i know these things take time

  • ErasusSkirlex -

    Sortbek will be nice that you can provide more photos of your inventory mod :P just suggesting

    • Sortbek -

      Well the mod contains only one screen, it's pretty straight forward. So don't know what kind of photos I should add..