Inventory Mod/Hack

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sortbek -

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Nach mehrfacher Nachfrage habe ich die Spendenseite eingerichtet: Jetzt hier spenden und die Entwicklung der ModAPI unterstützen
This inventory mod allows you to add every item to your inventory!
I have not tested this mod in Multiplayer but I reckon it would work just the same.


Note: Not all items work, but most should work fine!
  • Puretwo -


  • Kricer423 -

    I can not get the inventory mod 2 to show up on Modapi...even when i delete the original and add inventory mod 2 it does not show up...when regular inventory mod is enabled it brings up the screen...aka having a mouse but no menu comes up.

  • odinslayer78 -

    what is the hotkey to access it lol ?

  • Eric_BosSs -

    So Schnell wie möglich am besten! Bitte!

  • Eric_BosSs -

    könnte jemand mir bitte ein gefallen tun und mir bitte Schritt für schritt erklären wie man IventoryMod macht? Jedenfalls habe ich es so gemacht das ich: Modapi Installiert habe und wollte dann halt noch den Iventorymod und habe es so verstanden das man den in Mods > TheForest Reinmachen soll und hab es getan aber es ging nicht könnte jemand also mir bitte erklären wie das geht? Wäre wirklich Super Duper NETT! DANKE :)

  • Imthebest123 -

    Is it going to be updated...

  • Knockoutbambi -

    how i can download it?

  • Jorbeeters -

    Hey man hows the mod going? Also you said you were deciding on updating it before or after? I say wait for the update because it is only like 4 days

  • Sortbek -

    Hi all! I've been AFK for quite some while, but I'm back! I'm surprised the mod lasted this long! Last fix was already 13 updates ago! Will update the mod either just before the new version (v0.37) or just after that.

  • nom3rcy -

    This doesn't work anymore! Can you update the file? If you can ofc!

  • Smudger834 -

    has this been updated for the new version?

  • hoyiliang -

    It will be nice if you add Search function! (If it was possible) :D

  • Nytlok420 -

    i have downloaded this mod and dragged and dropped the file into the mods folder but it doesnt show up when i open modapi... how can i fix this?

  • ichigo8480 -


  • wolftato -

    Any chance of this coming to .30? Unless it works already and I just haven't tried it.

    • DieAxtimWalde -

      You could have tried first to see it works flawlessly ever since it has been released

  • __Vincent__ -

    how do i install it?

    • __Vincent__ -

      just put it in "mods>The Forest" ?

  • zzangae -

    How do I change the information that is as Mods run after English as another language?

  • Waffleman12 -

    can someone tell me how to use it please

    • zzangae -

      Mod API download -> Mod API run -> mods selected -> game started button -> the forest run

  • Lauris Silovs -


  • ChaosXGodz -

    oh you should put instant all item Click so I do not have to keep clicking add all over again in other people server game you know but this mod is fucking good man good job on it :D

  • ChaosXGodz -

    Hey man Good Mod Bro I like it Plus up keep going good job :D

  • RePyuTex -

    can you update this mod to 0.25? or 0.24

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