Inventory Mod 2 (with sorted categories)

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Hermano -

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Nach mehrfacher Nachfrage habe ich die Spendenseite eingerichtet: Jetzt hier spenden und die Entwicklung der ModAPI unterstützen
Add items to your inventory, original Inventory Mod created by JeffWienen, alphabetical sorting and categories added by Hermano

Items are sorted alphabetically in the menus. Please make sure only one of the two (currently out) inventory mods are enabled at one time.

Install: Place .mod file in The Forest\mods\TheForest

Configure menu key in ModAPI > Settings

Have fun!
  • Linehasselberg -

    Did you add modern arrows? :o

  • Xaos -


  • birkeland_7 -

    When i click the botton to open the menu, it doesnt apear. What shuold i do?

  • Xaos -

    Well done.

  • deathruler_dune -

    Are u going to update this inventory mod soon pls?

  • Saint-in-Chief -

    The GUI is not appearing as of 0.54b.

  • DeadlyDaniel -

    Please Help
    The mod does not appear on modapi
    please help

  • DeadlyDaniel -

    The mod does not appear on modapi
    please help

  • stallingblock2 -

    hey, great mod, but can you add fire arrows to the list?

    also, fails to appear on 0.51b, makes mouse appear but no GUI. let me know if you need more info! :D

    • Hermano -

      I've tested this and it is working fine in current release. Try with no other mods to see if there maybe is a conflict.

  • Kricer423 -

    I can not get the inventory mod 2 to show up on Modapi...even when i delete the original and add inventory mod 2 it does not show up...when regular inventory mod is enabled it brings up the screen...aka having a mouse but no menu comes up.

    • Alec Hunter -

      Download using something other than FireFox (it causes issues)

    • stallingblock2 -

      check to make sure that there is not a (1) or (2) on the end of the file name; sometimes if you download the same mod more than once you will get this and prevent it from showing on ModAPI.

  • Fiedi -

    Can you add-in the new weapon? the pistol

    -nerverminde, its already in.... i didnt notice before... beacuse its not on the left side in the weapons category. its the flint lock. sorry -

    What i really couldn't find though was the red paint to camouflage yourself as a holy man for the mutants

  • PriSmEx -

    The mod is in the mods file and everything but everytime I press F6 (The button I set to open the mod's menu" it just doesnt show up ?

  • kriller12345 -

    why will it not work

    • Hermano -

      Can you please be less vague? What kind of errors are you seeing in the modapi log file when the game starts (loads the map)?

  • Kevindude8868 -

    Does it show up as a different mod than the original inventory mod on the client or is it the same? Also do I have to delete the normal inventory mod?

    • Hermano -

      This displays as "Inventory Mod 2" and is independent. I have verified this working - if it is not for you, try downloading the file using a different browser.

  • Jack -

    I CANT download it when i press the download button on the side it downloads a video thing

  • DieAxtimWalde -

    Thank you for the perfectly working update :)

  • Deadly Stream -

    As others have mentioned, neither inventory mods are working for 0.47

    It's like it activates when pressing the relevant key but the menu does actually load on screen

  • PotatoPwner -

    Fantacy and DescendantShade are correct, the mod doesn't work for 0.47 nor the other inventory mods. Sucks because I was about to make a YouTube video.

  • DescendantShade -

    As Fantacy just started before me, thanks for the mod, but yeah it no longer works for 0.47 nor the other inventory mods

  • Fantacy -

    Hello! First of all, thank you for the mod! It's great!
    Now, after the latest update (v0.47) it doesn't work.
    Worked fine till v0.46c.
    Any chance for an update?
    Thanks again! Keep up the awesome work :)

  • HappyFaceMan -

    Is it working with version 0.43?

    • Hermano -

      What kind of errors are you getting in the log when you use this within 0.43b? Otherwise should work.

    • HappyFaceMan -

      Well, the fact that I can't even find it in my modlist when I run ModApi, while a few others do show up. (Note that I have the same problem with some other mods, but they haven't been updated yet)

    • Hermano -

      See iretribution's comment below - perhaps you have a similar problem? It looks like Firefox cannot be used to download mods.

    • HappyFaceMan -

      I am using Chrome. The mod worked before, but since update 0.40, it stopped appearing in my ModApi trainer.

    • Hermano -

      This works as expected.

  • iretribution -

    When will this mod be updated to version 0.41b or whatever the latest version ends up being of The Forest? I've used the console to spawn certain items but they're not all there.

    • Hermano -

      I have verified the mod to be working within the current version.

    • iretribution -

      Hmm. I have added the .mod file to the correct folder in the API folder (The Forest\mods\TheForest) as per your instructions and it does not show up in the Mod API launcher. Basically the same issue that Kricer423 has ran into in the past.

    • Hermano -

      I'm not sure what causes this issue for you, I have done the same thing with the file that is available here and it shows up :O what if you move all mods from that folder to somewhere else and then try with JUST this one?

    • iretribution -

      Tried that and still nothing. I've even tried adding the mod to the main game directory inside the "mod" folder and it's not showing up. The only mods that show up are the ones preinstalled with the ModAPI when you first download it, anything else just won't show up.

    • Hermano -

      Interesting. I'm unfortunately not able to troubleshoot correct modapi installation, perhaps ask in modapi support?

  • iretribution -

    @Kricer423 that is because the mod has not been updated to the latest version (0.41b as of 7/1/16)

  • Kricer423 -

    I install and move to mod folder the forest but when i launch MODAPI this does not show up, is it just not up to date or what?

  • Top Snek -

    In what exact folder do I put my mods in?

  • Moboly -

    dosent work

    • Hermano -

      What doesn't work about it? I've just started The Forest to test and it works fine from what I can tell. Can you be a bit less vague?


    can someone make it to give 100 item instead of 5?

    • Hermano -

      Unfortunately there are not many items that can have such quantities - cloth, coins, money and flare gun ammo I believe have no carry limit but other items will.


      i just want to get 100 leaf, sap, and tooth in 1 click but i've managed it with auto clicker

    • Hermano -

      Ah right these as well, glad you've found a workaround!

  • drnelsen -

    works for me

  • Jorbeeters -

    Doesnt work

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